Special Issue 4 – March 2019

Applications and Applied Mathematics:
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AAM Special Issue No. 4
(March 2019)
pp. 1 – 195


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International Conference on Computational Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer

Osmania University

Hyderabad, India
March 28–29, 2018

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(1)    Macha Madhu, B.J. Gireesha, and Naikoti Kishan
MHD boundary layer flow and heat transfer to Sisko nanofluid past
a nonlinearly stretching sheet with radiation, pp. 1-15
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(2)    T. Gangaiah, N. Saidulu and A. Venkata Lakshmi
The Influence of Thermal Radiation on MHD Tangent Hyperbolic
Fluid Flow with Zero Normal Flux of Nanoparticles over an
Exponential Stretching Sheet, pp. 16-30
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(3)    B. Shashidar Reddy and K.Saritha
MHD Boundary Layer Slip Flow over a Flat Plate with Soret and Dufour effects, pp. 31-43
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(4)    Srinivas Maripala and Kishan Naikoti
Joule heat parameter effects on unsteady MHD flow over a stretching sheet with viscous
dissipation and heat source, pp. 44-53
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(5)    N. Saidulu, T. Gangaiah and A. Venkata Lakshmi
MHD Flow of Tangent Hyperbolic Nanofluid over an Inclined Sheet with Effects of
Thermal Radiation and Heat Source/Sink, pp. 54-68
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(6) Chandra Shekar Balla and Kishan Naikoti
Numerical Solution of MHD Bioconvection in a Porous Square Cavity due to Oxytactic
Microorganisms, pp. 69-81
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(7) Md. Shafeeurrahman and D. Srinivasacharya
Radiation effect on mixed convection flow of nanofluid between two concentric cylinders
with Hall and Ion-slip effects, pp. 82-96
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(8) P.R. Kavyasree and B. Surender Reddy
Some Results of Double Sequences in 2-Normed and n-Normed Spaces, pp. 97-105
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(9) D. Gopal and N. Kishan
Brownian motion and thermophoresis effects on Casson nano fluid over a chemically
reacting stretching sheet with inclined magnetic field, pp. 106-116
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(10) S. Jagadha and P. Amrutha
MHD boundary layer flow of Darcy-Forchheimer mixed convection in a nanofluid
saturated porous media with viscous dissipation, pp. 117-134
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(11) N. Sikender, P. Rami Reddy, M. Chenna Krishna Reddy and S. V. Sailaja
Classification of Solutions of Non-homogeneous Non-linear Second Order Neutral Delay
Dynamic Equations with Positive and Negative Coefficients, pp. 135-149
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(12) Gossaye Aliy and Naikoti Kishan
Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic Solution for Thermal Radiation and Chemical Reaction
Effects on Electrical MHD Jeffrey Fluid Flow Over a Stretching Sheet through Porous
Media with Heat Source, pp. 150-175
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(13) Mollalgn Haile Takele and B. Krishna Reddy
Convergence Theorems for Common Fixed Point of the Family of Nonself Nonexpansive
Mappings in Real Banach Spaces, pp. 176-195
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