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Identity Finder IconIdentity Finder reduces the risk of identity theft by locating and securing personal information on your computer. When this software is installed on PVAMU computers an icon like the on on the left will appear on your PC Desktop. For more information click on the icon shown on the left.



What: Avoid Malware, Phishing Scams and Identity Theft

Where: The Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) Computer Network

Who: All Computer Users at PVAMU

Why: Avoid Embarrassment, Loss of Money, Loss of Time, Exposure of Sensitive or Confidential Data

How: Raise Your E-mail and Internet Use Awareness and Susceptibility to these Issues

Pay attention to emails you receive: drawing of computer with mail coming out.

  • Information Technology or the Helpdesk will never use email to ask for account information, passwords, verification of security questions or other sensitive information.
  • If you receive an email that seems suspicious, you should try to call the company or person directly if possible, to verify the authenticity before opening the email.
  • When in doubt about suspicious, unsolicited e-mails, simply hit the “delete” key.
  • Watch out for emails claiming to alert you to a breach of security and asking you to submit personal information – this is most likely a version of a phishing scam.

Pay attention to the addresses of the websites you visit:3D letter i

Not all websites are helpful, some are designed to trick the user into disclosing information for identity theft, while others can infect the user’s PC with spyware and other malicious code.

  • Beware of an unfamiliar or misspelled company name.
  • When in doubt, test it out. Put the legitimate company’s name into an internet search engine to see if the website listed in your results has the same address as the company soliciting you via email.
  • Don’t take the bait! Do not get enticed to visit web sites that promote gambling, illegal downloads of music, video or sexually explicit material.
  • Do not enter personal and/or sensitive information when prompted by “Pop-ups” or other dialog boxes unless you can validate the authenticity and security used.

Reminder about campus equipment: connections for a computer to hook up.

  • PVAMU computers are to be used only for authorized purposes by authorized users. Use for any other purpose may result in administrative or disciplinary actions or criminal prosecution against the user.
  • Computer usage is subject to monitoring and security testing. The user should have no expectation of privacy except as otherwise provided by applicable privacy laws.
  • If you believe your computer is infected, turn it off and call the helpdesk at 936-261-2525 or 1-877-241-1742.