Web Services Forms

WordPress Training Request
Use this form to request either Basic Training, Intermediate Training or Specialized Training of the WordPress Content Management System.

WordPress Access Request
Use this form to request a new user account for WordPress.   A new user must have completed Basic WordPress Training prior to having access to his/her departmental site.

Online Form Creation Request
If you need a new online form for your web pages, please submit this form to have Web Services create one for you. The data collected by this form can be exported in *.CSV format to be opened by Microsoft Excel.  Please note that a form creation request email should go to your local department’s Web Administrator first. Use this form if your department does not have a Web Administrator or you are a Web Administrator and need the creation of a complex form.

WordPress Plugin/Add-on request form (For Departments)
This form is used by department Web Administrators to request the addition of new plugins to the existing WordPress installation on our pvamu.edu website.

Website Access and Content Review
Once per year, Website Owners must review their departmental site and ensure that all content is up-to-date.  This prevents having out-dated information on pvamu.edu.  After having reviewed the site, the Content Review form is submitted to our office to let us know that the Content Review for the departmental site is complete.

Website Creation Request
This form is used to request a new website in the pvamu.edu domain.