Information Resources

Information Resources manages access and provides training on various resources as it relates to systems that handle student information as well as some information regarding faculty and staff. The relevant forms and instructions on how to gain access to these systems as well as guides are also available on our webpages. The various systems that are used on the campus to access student information are

  1. Banner
  2. PantherTracks (Faculty and Advisors)
  3. Argos – (New Banner Reporting Tool)
  4. Laserfiche
  5. DocuSign


Our office provides training on a monthly basis and the available dates are on the training calendar.

  • PantherTracks – This training is provided for Faculty and Advisors on how to go in and review/update their personal information and their course information and syllabus as well as how to assist students with selection of classes and provide academic advising.
  • Banner – This training is for Deans, Department Heads and Administrators. You are provided with basic navigation on how to access various forms within the system that captures student information.
  • Argos – This training is for all individuals that are interested in creating and running their own reports based on information being stored in Banner.
  • Laserfiche – This training is provided for individuals and departments that are actively implementing document imaging. Departments that are interested in using Laserfiche can get more information on the Laserfiche webpage.

Project Management (If it utilizes/requires Information Technology Services)

We are the point of contact for any projects that will require the services and resources of the Information Technology Services department and if it pertains to software that uses student system data. These projects must be submitted to our department and they will be discussed and a project plan developed.