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Where Are They Now: Horace Hodge

October 22, 2018 – Entering college as a young, wide-eyed freshman, many people have no idea where the journey will lead. Horace Hodge could not have imagined the path his life would take as he set out to attend Prairie View A&M University, where he would study in the College of Agriculture & Human Sciences [...]

Where Are They Now: Kashara Bell, CAHS Graduate

October 8, 2018 – Everyone's journey to agriculture isn't always the same. For Kashara Bell, a chance opportunity in graduate school led to a new experience and an exhilarating career in agriculture.  During her time as Prairie View A&M University undergrad, Kashara majored in Criminal Justice and would go on to receive a Masters in [...]

CAHS Freshman Selected as USDA/1890 National Scholar

October 4, 2018 – Living a healthy lifestyle may be a long-term goal for many, College of Agriculture & Human Sciences (CAHS) student Kristina Edwards is putting her plan into action. The Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) freshman is one of three new students sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to attend [...]

Dean’s Research Published in Environmental Journal

October 8, 2018 - College of Agriculture and Human Sciences Dean and Director of Land-Grant Programs, Dr. Gerard D’Souza has a newly published article in the Journal of Environmental Protection. This article highlights innovative computer programs and the means to help individuals develop agent-based modeling, a method used to model complex computer systems. Computer programs [...]

4-H Engages Youth in a Pre-College Outreach Summer Program

October 4, 2018 – The two worlds of Agriculture and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, or STEM had a group of 4-H students shooting for the stars in a recent Youth Lab.  The out-of-this-world lesson was part of the National 4-H Science mission mandate, which is designed to address the following: unsolved worldwide social problems, [...]

Honoring Lindsey Weatherspoon

Oct 3, 2018 - Mr. Lindsey Weatherspoon was born on August 4, 1924 in Cairo, Georgia. He attended Washington High School in Cairo and graduated in 1941. He served in the US Army for about 3 years from 1943 to early 1946 where he achieved the rank of Sergeant and received several decorations before being [...]

The Dean and Director of Land Grant Programs-90 Days In

October 1, 2018 – It has been an honor and a privilege to assume my unique role over the last 90 days as the new Dean and Director of Land Grant Programs in the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences. Since arriving on "The Hill," it has also been my distinct mission to deliver on the [...]

Seasons Change, As Do Grocery Store Price Ranges

September 17, 2018 - Depending on the season, you may need to brace yourself before your next trip to the grocery store.  Shopper Freda Love admits, she wasn’t ready for the sticker shock she experienced on grocery store shelves. “Is it just me or are food prices becoming more expensive?” she balked. The mother of [...]

Why Ag Nutrition? A Student Profile

September 17, 2018 – It's one of the most important things a college student will do, choose a major. But choosing a major, that is right for you isn't always easy. Often young adults may have an idea of what they want to do, but it may not always correlate with what will make them [...]

Rejuvenating Agriculture in the Minds of Middle School 4-H’ers

August 6, 2018 - Within the last five years, according to the Enrollment and Employment Outlook Survey, less than 1% of college students were in an agricultural major, even fewer were from ethnic minority populations. As such, college graduates enrolled in Ag career majors are more in demand than ever. The agriculture, nutrition and [...]