Honorary Degree Nominations

Texas A&M University System Policy 11.07 Granting of Honorary Degrees provides a framework that governs the granting of honorary degrees by academic institutions in The Texas A&M University System. The Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) Rule 11.07.99.P1 provides additional requirements not detailed in the system policy.

PVAMU selectively and judiciously awards the honorary doctorate degree to individuals of exceptional academic, scholarly, artistic and/or philanthropic accomplishment in order to bring honor and recognition to PVAMU and to identify persons whose accomplishments and service to humanity can be considered exemplary. An honorary degree selection committee will receive all nominations. Candidate nominations that are not selected in a particular year but are otherwise deemed meritorious will remain eligible for consideration for three years from the date of nomination.

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PVAMU awards honorary doctorate degrees principally to individuals who have distinguished themselves in sustained scholarly activity in the arts, letters, sciences, technology, education, or service to humanity. An honorary doctorate also may be awarded to an individual from industry, government, communications, education, business, social services, or another public arena who has distinguished himself or herself through nationally or internationally significant contributions.


Honorary doctorates recognize an individual, not an office or position. So far as possible, there will be an effort to ensure that the persons honored represent a variety of fields of endeavor. Normally, honorary degrees will be awarded during spring or fall commencements, and the recipient must be present to receive the award.

Honorary doctorates are not awarded:

  • In absentia;
  • Posthumously;
  • To current employees of the university;
  • To individuals who have direct political, legal, or budgetary authority over the university; or,
  • In consideration solely based on any past, present, or future gift or other benefaction to the university.

Selection and Approval of Recipients

A standing honorary degree selection committee, consisting of nine members, will be appointed by the President or their designee to review the nominations. The President, or designee, will appoint a chair from the faculty representation on the selection committee. The selection committee shall meet as often as it deems necessary to consider the individuals that have been nominated as recipients.

PVAMU faculty, staff, administration, current students, or alumni may submit nominations for recipients of honorary degrees to the Office for Academic Affairs for consideration by the President. Nominations must be accompanied by a letter of nomination, current vitae, and other appropriate supporting documentation.

The Office for Academic Affairs will review the nomination packet to verify that the information is complete prior to submission to the honorary degree selection committee for review and recommendation.

The selection committee must have a majority vote in favor of granting the honorary degree before the recommendation can be forwarded to the President for approval and submission to the Board of Regents.

Upon recommendation by the honorary degree selection committee, nominations, along with supporting documentation, will be submitted to the Office for Academic Affairs for forwarding to the Office of the President for further consideration.

The President, in consultation with executive management, shall forward approved recommendations for honorary degree recipients to the chancellor in accordance with system deadlines for items requiring approval by the Board of Regents.


Individuals selected to receive an honorary degree shall be notified by the Office of the President.