Withdrawal From the University

Student must complete the Withdrawal form and take the completed form to the Registrar’s Office by the deadline as listed on the Academic Calendar or the withdrawal will not be allowed and grades will be assigned. Student may still be responsible for paying all or part of the tuition and fees depending on the date the withdrawal request is received by the Registrar’s Office.

CAUTION: Students withdrawing from one class to all classes from PVAMU after 1st class day will be charged for a percentage (%) of total tuition and fees based on the number of days in attendance. Please refer to the Refund or Adjustment Schedule of Tuition and Mandatory Fees for Dropped Courses and Student Withdrawals. If a student withdraws and has received a refund from financial aid and the financial awards are reduced, the student may be responsible for returning up to the full amount of the refund back to PVAMU as well as paying for a percentage or all of the tuition and fees.

Please locate the form in the Forms Library or click the following link to access the form:

Withdrawal from the University

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