Withdrawal From the University

Student must complete the Prairie View A&M University Withdrawal From the University form and secure all required signatures by the deadline as listed on the Academic Calendar or the withdrawal will not be allowed and grades will be assigned.

CAUTION: Students withdrawing from all PVAMU classes after the 1st class day will be charged a percentage (%) of total tuition and fees based on the date of the withdrawal. Please refer to the PVAMU Catalog or Refund or Adjustment Schedule of Tuition and Mandatory Fees for Dropped Courses and Student Withdrawals.

Important Information for Students READ CAREFULLY!

STUDENTS RECEIVING FINANCIAL AID must talk to a financial aid advisor before withdrawing. Withdrawal from the university does not cancel all tuition and fees, but can substantially affect aid eligibility. Failure to comply may result in the student owing a substantial sum.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS holding an F-1 or J-1 student visa must go to the Immigration Services in Harrington Science Building the day you begin your withdrawal process. Immigration Services will explain how withdrawing may affect your immigration and sponsored program status, and will explain how readmission requirements affect you.

Once the student has completed the withdrawal form and the withdrawal has been accepted by the Registrar, the student will be considered withdrawn from the University and will no longer be entitled to services or facilities provided for the benefit of Prairie View A&M University students.

It is THE STUDENT’S responsibility to fulfill their obligations concerning financial aid, balances due if applicable, and to return equipment and uniforms in order to avoid being billed, holds being placed on your account, and or sent to collections if deemed necessary.

Please find important contact information for reaching various service offices on the official Withdrawal from the University form. The student is responsible for contacting those areas that apply before leaving the university, to ensure that they leave in GOOD standing. Failure to clear with the appropriate offices also may result in processing delays should the student decide to re-enroll at a later date or require access to their academic record. To request the official Withdrawal from the University form, please contact the Registrar’s Office via e-mail at registrar@pvamu.edu, or if on campus, you may request it at the Registrar’s service desk on the third floor of the Willie R. Tempton Memorial Student Center (adjacent to the Financial Aid service counter).