Enrollment and Degree Verifications

Enrollment Verifications

Enrollment Verifications may be obtained through the National Student Clearinghouse self-service portal via Student Records in Panthertracks.  As a user you can:

  • Print a certificate of enrollment that can be forwarded to a health insurer, housing provider, credit issuer, or other student services providers.
  • View any enrollment information that has been provided to student services providers by the Clearinghouse.
  • View any electronic notifications and deferment forms that have been sent to lenders and guarantors on your behalf.
  • View a list of your lenders, as applicable and link to a real-time student loan information detail that some lenders provide.

Additionally, currently enrolled students may obtain an Enrollment Verification by completing the Enrollment Verification Request form and returning it to the Office of the Registrar. Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.

Degree Verifications

The National Student Clearinghouse acts as our agent for providing degree verification data to such agencies as third-party verifiers, credit card companies and credit approval agencies. Please contact the National Student Clearinghouse at (703) 742-4200 for directions to access the current degree data for Prairie View A&M University or follow the link below for more information.