Down that road… Again!


For the 2019 PVAMU homecoming events, the TIPHC partnered with the university’s Marketing and Communications Dept. to create an interactive exhibit that celebrates past homecomings and student life at the university. The exhibit opened Saturday (Oct. 19) in the TIPHC Gallery at the School of Architecture and will remain on display until Dec. 14 this year.

The gallery is open from 8-5. For access, contact the TIPHC office, 936-261-9836, or the main office in the School of Architecture, 936-261-9800.

The exhibit displays artifacts and photos from Miss. Prairie View coronations, vintage band uniforms and wall photos, a recreation of the Alumni Hall student gathering area, and a fully adorned dorm room. The displays offer ample “selfie” opportunities where visitors can insert themselves into the exhibits, and there is also a wall where visitors can write about their memories of homecoming and their time on “The Hill.”  (Click images to enlarge)