Types of Support Volunteer

Our alumni have traveled various paths throughout their professional lives. We always look forward to hearing your experiences and gathering your knowledge. If you would like to conduct a workshop, hold a lecture, or simply join us at one of or events, please contact Dr. Lason Hines,, or call 936-261-9800.

Make a Donation

Giving financially to the School of Architecture helps support today’s students become leaders of tomorrow. If you would like to donate to the School of Architecture, you can do so online or by sending a check payable to the School of Architecture, Attn.: Dr. Lason Hines, School of Architecture, PO Box 519; Mail Stop 2100, Nathelyne A. Kennedy Bldg., Prairie View, TX 77446.


Internships at architecture, community development, design, and construction science firms and offices are of great importance to our students. Whether it is a summer position, part-time position during the school year, or a permanent position, we are eager to distribute job announcements or set up interviews with students. If you are seeking a Prairie View A&M, School of Architecture student to work as an intern in your firm or organization, please contact Dr. Bruce Bockhorn,, or Ms. Sonja Perry at, or 936-261-9800.