The School of Architecture combines teaching, research and service to proactively develop the discipline of creative and innovative problem solving. Students finish the program ready to address the needs of our society, including improving the quality of the built environment.

By offering a diverse curriculum, an accomplished faculty and a comprehensive studio and classroom environment, the School of Architecture prepares students for significant roles as practitioners, developers and leaders in architecture, construction, community planning and community development.

Undergraduate Programs

The School of Architecture combines teaching, research and service to proactively develop the discipline of creative and innovative problem solving to address the needs of our society.

B.S. Architecture

B.S. in Architecture

The bachelor of science (or pre-professional program) provides the common ground for studies in architecture. It is intended to cover the basic content of the preparation of an educated architect and to lead to professional studies at the graduate level.

B.S. Construction Science

B.S in Construction Science

The Construction Science Program is a blend of engineering and design management and construction technology that prepares college graduates for entry-level management positions in the construction industry. The program combines the Architecture and Community Development programs to offer a unique, comprehensive and cooperative approach to the design/build process.

B.S. Digital Media Arts

B.S. in Digital Media Arts

The Digital Media Arts program is dedicated to educating and training designers of the future. Students will be prepared to meet the high demand of the design industry using their skills in graphic design and interactive media. In addition, students will be introduced to critical design theory and analysis in preparation for graduate study.

Graduate Programs

Graduates of the School of Architecture will participate in the contemporary milieu, encourage, anticipate, and respond to changes in the local, national and international communities.

M.S. in Architecture

M. of Architecture

The Master of Architecture as a professional program prepares students for roles in the profession of architecture by building on the content of the pre-professional degree through intensive and focused advanced studies in the field of architecture practice and design. A major objective of this program is preparing graduates to obtain their professional architecture registration. The Master of Architecture degree program, consisting of an undergraduate curriculum of 132 credit hours and a graduate curriculum of 36 credit hours, is the accredited program at Prairie View A&M University.

M.S. Community Development

M.S. in Community Development

The Master of Science in Community Development program comprises of a total of 36 graduate credit hours. The curriculum is structured to prepare graduates for entry into a range of occupations in planning, development, financing, and real estate.