Panther Bucks

Panther Bucks are a convenient way to pay for books and make food purchases on campus using your student ID card.

There are three ways to activate a Panther Card

  1. Students can have the debit amount assessed to their fees.  This option is limited to the amount of funds the student has available on their fee assessment.
  2. Student, Faculty and Staff can make a deposit at the cashier’s office.  This option is based solely on the individual’s discretion and no account limits are set.
    (You must specify that you want On-Campus Panther Bucks)
  3. Student, Faculty and Staff Can make a deposit through GET Funds at
  • Using your Account

    • Currently the Panther Bucks plan is accepted at all On Campus Retail locations:
      • Panther Grill
      • Panther Mart
      • Pardus Café
    • Follett Bookstore
    • John B. Coleman Library
      • Jazzman’s Café
    • Farrell Hall Laundry Facility
      • The Zone
    • Panther Plaza
      • Strike Zone
      • Slice of Life
      • We Proudly Serve
  • Closing your Account

    • To close your account simply report to Auxiliary Support Services.
    • Refunds due to customers will be issued as a part of the university’s next scheduled over-payment and will appear on student’s account as a credit.
    • Balances left in the account will carry over to the next semester.

Meal Points

Meal Points are an exclusive feature on your ID card when you have a University Meal Plan.  SODEXO Dining Services provides Meal Points in addition to your Meal Plan in order for you to enjoy other retail facilities located on campus.  These meal points can only be used at the following retail locations: Panther Mart, Panther Grill, Jazzman’s Café, We Proudly Serve, Strike Zone, Slice of Life and the The Zone.  When using your regular meal plan you can take a guest into the dining hall and the cost of the extra meal will be deducted from your meal points. At the end of each semester you will forfeit any unused Meal Points.