The Diaspora: Coming to Texas


Estevan, aka, Estevanico, Estebanico, Black Stephen

     Approximately 54% of all enslaved Africans brought to the New World between 1519 and 1700 disembarked in Spanish America, and New Spain (Mexico) received its share through the ports of Veracruz  where Africans were first brought and taken for work in the country's gold and silver mines, as servants, field workers and other labors.  So numerous were Africans in New Spain that by 1570 the 20,569 Africans there were three times the Spanish population.
     The Africans spread out through New Spain, including heading  north and across the Rio Grande inter-marrying with indigenous people, running away from slavery (marronage) and starting their  own communities. Some became the first black Texans.
     This report examines how Africans first came to this part of the world, and includes these items: