What is DUO?

DUO is an easy to use, two factor authentication solution to protect you and University Data!

DUO is developed by DUO Security (www.duosecurity.com)

Texas A&M University System has purchased system-wide license for DUO. You may have already used it at TAMUS Single Sign-on - SSO.TAMUS.EDU


PVAMU will be utilizing DUO to enable two factor authentication on several Information Technology Resources

Phase I:

DUO will be deployed for:

Key Dates for DUO Rollout

DUO (two factor authentication) is now enabled for ALL PVAMU faculty and staff.

Volunteer Opt-in ended November 6th


Get Started!

Go to https://webmail.pvamu.edu/ and login

Choose your primary authentication method. The most common and convenient is your smartphone.

Other options include:

hardware token, voice phone call, SMS text messages, and pre-printed one-time codes.

Get Started - with Smartphone

  • Upon login (webmail & VPN), you will receive the screen above,
  • Click on “Send me a Push”
  • Your Smartphone will prompt Approve/Deny screen.
  • Click on Approve, and you will be logged into your application

Get Started - Other Options

The most common, recommended, and convenient method is your smartphone with DUO mobile app. However, if you choose not to use your smartphone, you have the following options.

You can configure DUO to call or text your mobile phone.

You can configure DUO to call your landline phone.

USB Token: Limited number of USB tokens are available at $20.

What if you forgot your phone?

  • You can select a backup device (landline, etc)
  • If you do not have your smartphone with you, you may contact helpdesk at EXT 2525 and submit a ticket to generate a one-time bypass code. It may take 2 – 24 hours