Qualtrics is the university tool used for survey and other automated services. Qualtrics is also the tool used within Academic Affairs for our automated document process system. To obtain access to the University’s Survey Tool Qualtrics, complete the training session available through eCourses at http://ecourses.pvamu.edu/. A PDF version of Qualtrics access instructions is available.

  1. Once you are on the eCourses home page, select “Qualtrics” from the left side navigation under the section named “University Resources”.
  2. Login. In order to access eCourses you will need a valid username and password administered by PVAMU.
  3. Once you’ve logged in, you will see “PV Qualtrics Training”, do not click on this. Click on the “Enroll Me” button located at the bottom of the screen.
  4. To receive access to Qualtrics you must complete modules 1 through 3; modules and “topics” are one in the same.
  5. Once you have completed the three topics with your temporary user access you will need to alert Academic Affairs. Email Academic affairs at “qualtrics@pvamu.edu”. Sending this email will convert your temporary access account to a university account. Be mindful when sending your email to Academic Affairs and include the following:
    • Name
    • PV User ID
    • College/Department
    • Any additional members within your area requiring access to Qualtrics