Ad Astra

Astra Schedule

Astra is the scheduling tool the university uses to manage university spaces and faculty resources. It integrates the use of space with the users of these spaces as well as the processes involved in using a space. We use this tool to best align campus academic space to meet student needs.

Ad Astra creates:

Support for academic schedule creation

  • It maximizes return on investment
  • Fully utilize all features
  • Maximize facility usage
  • Seamless processes
  • Single location for all scheduling needs
  • Consistent interface and navigation
  • True availability, transparency
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Continuity and Succession Planning

With Ad Astra, we have categorized our spaces into

  • Meeting Space Management – Conference rooms, meeting and training rooms
  • Event Space Management – Rooms, parking lots, green space
  • Academic Instructional Management – Classrooms and computer labs

Then we categorized our users into

  • External users – which only have access to our spaces by using our request forms
  • General users – which have 1 year advance access to event spaces, term by term open access to general use instructional space and term by term request access to specIialized instructional space
  • Speciality Users – they directly schedule spaces or resources used by their department, approve  requests for space or resources used by their department and have general user permissions everywhere where else
  • SysAdmin Users – they can schedule almost or all spaces and resources, they are not bound by term restraints in scheduling, they optimize sections and coordinate major events, regulate space availability and maintain request forms.

How we make it work:

  • All Spaces is “University space”- its all in the Ad Astra system and everyone gets the chance to use it within policies and processes.
  • Authorization, support, and reporting managed by Astra Schedule

For the effectiveness of Ad Astra, we have stakeholders and a team for its implementation setup and always ready to serve. Click here to view our AD ASTRA SCHEDULE STAKEHOLDERS AND IMPLEMENTATION TEAM