Faculty & Staff

The philosophy of the Prairie View A&M University College of Nursing reflects the beliefs of the faculty and provides the foundation for the curriculum. While striving to maintain effective teaching and a strong curriculum, the faculty believe our role should include the fostering of academic excellence and intellectual curiosity in our students. We believe in educating students of diverse ethnic, academic and socio-economic backgrounds through professional role-modeling, mentoring relationships and the development of culturally sensitive paradigms for clinical practice. Our faculty strive to foster commitment to values believed to be inherent in professional nursing: altruism, human dignity, truth, justice, freedom, equality and esthetics.

It’s the belief that learning is a life-long process which progresses along a continuum from simple recall of information, through comprehension, application, and synthesis of concepts, toward the creative use of new information and technology. Each student brings to the learning environment knowledge, values, attitudes and beliefs. Although the faculty facilitates learning by providing a receptive environment for students to use and expand their body of knowledge, the student must assume responsibility for the interactive learning process, which requires active participation of both the student and faculty.