Goals for Student Achievement

Prairie View A&M University is a public, comprehensive, historically black, land grant institution of higher education. Its mission commits it to serving a diverse ethnic and socioeconomic population. First generation students comprise a high percentage of its undergraduate population.  The University is committed to achieving the goals of Closing the Gaps: The Texas Higher Education Plan, which addresses participation (access and enrollment), success (degree completion), excellence (performance) and research (basic and applied). The University aims to produce graduates who “possess self-sufficiency and professional competencies.” Salient student achievement goals and concomitant measures include but are not limited to college access of first-time, full-time, degree seeking freshmen who persist after one year; persistence of first-time full-time, degree seeking freshmen who earn a baccalaureate degree in six years; state licensure certification rate of teacher education graduates; state licensure exam pass rate of nursing graduates; and state licensure exam pass rate of engineering graduates.  An additional measure deemed a potent determiner of upward social and economic mobility of graduates is the percent of baccalaureate degree recipients who within a year of earning the bachelor’s degree gain entry to graduate or professional study in disciplines in which African Americans are underrepresented.

Below is a snapshot of the goals, targets, and achievement of undergraduate students at Prairie View A&M University.

Goals for Student Achievement* 2013 2014 2015
Target Actual Target Actual Target Actual
Percent of first-time, full-time, degree-seeking freshmen who earn a baccalaureate degree within six academic years 36.0% 36.84% 36.2% 35.95% 36.2% 34.02%
Persistence rate of first-time, full-time, degree-seeking freshmen students after one academic year 73.0% 67.13% 70.0% 66.21% 70.0% 66.12%
Percent of baccalaureate graduates who are first generation college graduates 50.0% 56.06% 50.0% 36.71% 50.0% 40.0%
Certification rate of teacher education graduates 63.0% 59.60% 60.0% 59.70% 60.0% 87.0%
State licensure exam pass rate of engineering graduates 50.0% 43.0% 50.0% 50.0% 50.0% 10.0%
State licensure pass exam rate of nursing graduates 99.0% 92.9% 99.0% 91.2% 99.0% 97.3%

*Data source: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The full data set may be found on the University Success Measures page of the University Fact Book.

Year of Graduation from Undergraduate School** Total Number of Graduates in the Undergraduate Class Students Admitted to and in Attendance at a Graduate or Professional School in a Degree Program in which Blacks are Underrepresented Target Actual
FY 2012 938 264 25% 28.14%
FY 2013 993 280 25% 28.19%
FY 2014 1090 220 25% 20.18%

**Data come from the National Student Clearinghouse and are based on fiscal years from July 1 – June 30.