Graduate Degrees

The graduate Engineering programs are designed to enhance the student’s research capabilities and to make the student more competitive in the professional practice. They are the continuation of the intellectual, scholarly and professional development of the individual producing technological leaders and creative engineers and computer scientists devoted to the discovery, development, and refinement of knowledge and methodologies associated with the various engineering and computer disciplines. Each degree candidate is expected to have demonstrated the highest degree of professional ethics and standards. The College of Engineering provides excellent facilities in support of its graduate programs.

The Master of Science Degree in Engineering is a general engineering program with four areas of concentration including:

Each area of concentration has an option of a thesis or non-thesis degree plan. Each option includes 12 semester credit hours of graduate courses in general engineering with the remaining hours to be determined by the student and their academic advisor during the first semester of acceptance to the graduate program as a degree status student.

Policy About master thesis plagiarism check – follow Graduate School policy (<= 10%)

Policy About master project report plagiarism check

Once the student finishes the report, the advisor needs to use TurnItIn through eCourse to compare the contents with existing literature in professional libraries and Internet resources. Appendix of the report (e.g. source code) can be excluded from TurnItIn examination. If the report has less than or equal to 20% similarity to existing work, the writing is acceptable. Otherwise, the report needs to be returned to the student for rewriting. Before fixing the writing, the student will not be allowed to do the final presentation.

Source code plagiarism check will be conducted separately. Advisors, coordinator and department head can use available tools such as Codequiry to examine it.

See an Advisor

Lin Li, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator/Advisor

Office: 111H SR Collins
Phone: (936) 261-9882

How to Cite References

Citation is a very important part when you write articles, research papers, Master’s project report, thesis, or dissertation. Below is list of useful hyperlinks that discuss how to cite in your writing.

Graduate Assistantship and Financial Aid

The CS Department and faculty provide certain number of TA and RA positions for graduate students. This number changes semester by semester, based on the available funding. Please contact Dr. Lin Li, graduate coordinator, for detail information.