Pre-College Enrichment


Since the summer of 1984, Prairie View A&M University has sponsored the Institute for Pre-College Enrichment (PCI), a two-week residential summer program, for talented high school students.  The mission for PCI is to help prepare students for the new school year and assist them in making early plans to pursue a college education in an area that interest them most.  Many of our former participants have enrolled at Prairie View A&M University or other universities upon graduation from high school. Currently, PCI and selected academic units co-sponsor the program with 6 workshops to help the students plan and prepare for college and future careers. Students entering the twelfth grade are assigned to a Senior’s on Track Group and receive emphasis on essay writing, college application, funding for college, scholarship awareness and leadership. In the workshops, the students are:

  • Assessed in reading, counseled and encouraged to read as much as possible, expand vocabulary and sharpen critical thinking skills;
  • Assessed in math, review math concepts required for success in high school and college;
  • Assessed in writing, encouraged to write frequently, improve skills and to gain an appreciation for written communication by composing letters, e-mail, course assignments, also notes and journal entries;
  • Exposed to test taking skills and techniques to help prepare them for various academic skills test, TAKS, SAT, ACT, etc.
  • Challenged to return to school and take rigorous academic courses that encourage one to read critically, develop math skills and write effectively.

In addition, students will learn about careers through participation in professional skills symposia and workshops listed below:

The Pre College Enrichment Institute (PCI) Workshops

ARTEC – Architecture Enrichment Concepts – offered to students interested in art, architecture, computer aided design, and construction science. ARTEC is co-sponsored by the School of Architecture.

BASISBusiness for Academic and Scholarly Inclined Students – offered to students interested in the business professions with emphasis on accounting, finance, information systems, management and marketing. BASIS is co-sponsored by the College of Business.

MITESMinority Introduction to Engineering and Science – offered to highly competitive students interested in engineering, engineering technology, computer science, physics, chemistry and mathematics. MITES is open to all ethnic groups and is co-sponsored by the Roy G. Perry Roy G. Perry College of Engineering.

SCOPE – Science Careers Opportunities Enhancement – offered to highly competitive students interested in becoming a medical doctor, dentist, veterinarian, nurse, physical therapists, physician’s assistant or other allied health professional. SCOPE is co-sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Department of Biology.