Dress for Success




  • 100% Wool blend looks and wears better than any other material.
  • Darker suits carry more authority, but avoid black (it’s too formal)
  • Solid colors and pinstripes are best, as long as the pinstripes are muted and narrow.
  • Solid dark color suits carry more authority,  preferably navy, burgundy or gray.
  • Skirts should be knee lengths or longer, so when you sit it does not rise above the knees.
  • Dresses are too casual for interviews.
  • Please cover all body tattoos.


  • Pinstripes should be thin.
  • Solid white convey honesty, intelligence, and stability.
  • Cotton looks better and holds up better under perspiration.
  • Always wear an ironed shirt, even if the shirt claims to be “wash and wear”.
  • Always wear long sleeved shirts, with cuffs extending below suit sleeve.
  • Always wear a totally white T-shirt with sleeves under shirt.
  • Cotton/polyester blends are acceptable. The higher the cotton content, the better you’ll look.
  • Wear a blouse that is a business style.
  • Solid white conveys honesty, intelligence and stability.
  • Your blouse should always compliment and add color to your suit.
  • No ruffles and scarves.
  • Absolutely NO cleavage exposed at any time.
  • No loud colors or busy prints, it’s too disturbing.


  • Linen wrinkles too easily.
  • Wool ties are too casual for interviews.
  • Your tie should compliment and add color to your suit.
  • Width should be approximately the same as lapels, generally 2 inches wide.
  • 100% silk ties make the most powerful and professional impact and are also the easiest to tie.


  • Large wing tips are the most conservative.
  • Black and brown leather are the best colors.
  • Slip-on dress shoes (even those with tassels) are the most versatile for day to evening.
  • Dark basic pumps.


  • Socks should complement the suit or be the same color as shoes.
  • They should not bunch around your ankles.
  • They should be long enough that skin is not seen when legs are crossed.
  • Sheer black, blue, taupe, ivory and natural colors enhance the appearance.
  • No loud colors, designs or stripes, it is unprofessional.
  • Please do not wear hosiery with any types of  runs or discoloration.


  • Clean hair in a professional conservative style.
  • Clean hair in a professional conservative style.
  • No corn rows or colorful hair extensions.
  • No stringy or shaggy style.
  • Clean braid tastefully styled.


  • A natural/soft application of color to enhance your beauty.
  • No strong or loud colors, it’s too distracting.
  • No false eyelashes.


  • Jewelry should be very simple and conservative.
  • Avoid body piercing jewelry, earrings, bracelets and rings on index and pinky fingers.
  • Avoid sharp or smelly colognes.
  • Avoid lapel pins except your school’s or professional organization’s logo/seal (approximate size of a nickel).
  • Briefcases should be leather; browns and burgundy are the best colors.
  • Watches should be simple and plain (avoid Mickey Mouse, logo, and sports watches).
  • Belts should be leather and should match or compliment shoes (blue/black/gray suit=brown belt and shoes). The buckle should be simple.
  • Jewelry should be simple and conservative,
  • ONLY one set of small earring sand no more than two rings worn at one time.
  • Avoid body piercing jewelry, ankle bracelets and ring on index and pinky finger.
  • Avoid sharp and smelly perfumes.
  • Watches should be simple and plain (avoid
    Mickey Mouse, logo, and sports watches).
  • Your briefcase should be dark leather,  preferably no purses.
  • Polished fingernails with a natural or french
    manicure color, no designs or jewelry.
  • Take notes with a gold or silver pen.