Endowed Chair Scheduled to Speak at University in Japan

  • Dr. Fred A. Bonner, II

Dr. Fred A. Bonner, II, Professor and Endowed Chair in Prairie View A&M University’s Whitlowe R. Green College of Education, will speak at Akita International University in Japan. The provost of the university invited him to campus to deliver a series of lectures May 18-21, 2019, to faculty and students.

“One lecture will focus on a research methods course. The others will cover diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice,” said Bonner. “Another lecture will highlight my book “Diverse Millennial Students in College” and will talk about the generational impact on teaching and learning in college classrooms. Although the book is set in a U.S. context, I will make critical connections to the higher education setting in Japan.”

Bonner, who spends much of his time traveling and talking to college groups, says this will be his first time speaking in Japan. “It is important for the audience to hear about the critical importance of understanding the world through a diverse set of lenses,” said Bonner. “The students at Akita International University represent a rich tapestry of different countries and cultures, so it will be essential for me to show them how our diversity can serve as an asset as opposed to a deficit. I hope they will learn how to hone and refine their research skills as well as how to live harmoniously across their diverse identities.”