Alum-Turned-Professor Gives Back Through Teaching

  • Dr. Mohammed Hussein

“Teaching is far more than just explaining subjects in classrooms. It is about inspiring students to do more. Through that inspiration, we, as educators, can create a better tomorrow by generating an output of students that will possess the potential to drive the engine of our civilization a step forward.”

That’s one of Prairie View A&M University alumnus and College of Business Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammed Hussein’s reasons for beginning his teaching career 30 years ago. For the second time, he received the COB Dean’s Excellence in Teaching Award, one of two that were handed out this year.

“Every semester, I make sure to establish a strong bond between the students and me from day one,” said Hussein. “To be more specific, my relationship with my students is not the traditional and expected teacher-student relationship, yet, it is a relationship established as a friendship bond in which I call each one of my students my friend.”

Hussein teaches the classes Business Statistics and Information and Communication in the Digital Age at PVAMU. Aside from establishing personal relationships with his students, he also uses several key tactics to keep them engaged throughout his courses. I make sure to give students authentic learning time with peers by dividing them into groups when assessing them,” he said. “Additionally, I encourage students to work problems on the board as it helps the class view the questions differently.”

Hussein also believes participation during class is paramount to student success. “I associate my content to things that pertain to and resonates with the students. Throughout my extensive history in the realm of education, I can confirm that students are more responsive to content that relates and interests them,” said Hussein. “Overall, I know that, through teaching, I can change my students’ lives to where they can become active and influential in society. As a Prairie View alum, I’m proud to be able to give back to the community through teaching.”


-This story by Marchita Shilo originally appeared in Academic Insights.