Enrollment Grows as PVAMU Expands Academic Support Services for Students

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More students than ever are attending Prairie View A&M University. This fall, PVAMU reported an overall headcount of 9,516 students (up from 9,125 last fall, 8,762 in the fall of 2016, 8,268 in 2015, and 8,343 in 2014).

PVAMU is also gaining new ground by:
• increasing the percentage of students who return in good academic standing
• reporting an increase in retention rates (students who return to PVAMU for their second year)

PVAMU’s first-year retention rate stood at 73.7 percent; that’s compared to 2014 when it was at 66.1 percent. University officials say the immediate goal is to reach 80 percent for first-year retention, two points above the statewide retention rate (or the percentage of students who return to college at the same institution for their second year).

PVAMU implemented some new initiatives this year to support student learning, including additional advising and tutoring options such as online tutoring, which allows students of any major to get assistance 24/7 for most classes offered at PVAMU. In the late fall, face-to-face peer tutoring will expand beyond the John B. Coleman Library to academic buildings across campus. In addition, the Office of Academic Engagement and Student Success (AESS) will roll out supplemental instruction in certain core classes, and offerings will increase each semester.

In the spring of 2019, AESS will implement the first phase of the early alert system, CRM Advise. The tool will send an alert to academic advisors, faculty advisors, and key administrators at PVAMU to notify them of any students who are not meeting academic expectations. They will immediately provide students with the support they need to succeed academically.

PVAMU’s enrollment presently breaks down as follows:
9,516 overall headcount
8,524 undergraduate
992 post-baccalaureate, graduate, doctoral

By Marchita Shilo