Mission and Vision

The mission of the programs in the School of Architecture is to combine and fulfill the responsibilities in teaching, research and service and to the missions of the State of Texas and Prairie View A&M University by being proactively involved with the development and nurturing of problem solving solutions to address the needs of our society.  Graduates of the School of Architecture will participate in the contemporary milieu, encourage and anticipate changes, and respond to change in the local, national and international communities.

The programs in the School of Architecture (Architecture, Construction Science, and Community Development) are dedicated to accomplishing their mission through excellence in teaching, research and service by preparing students to play a leadership role in rebuilding America’s cities and improving the quality of the built environment. By offering a diverse curriculum led by an accomplished faculty in a comprehensive studio and classroom environment, the School of Architecture programs will educate students for significant roles as practitioners, developers and leaders in architecture, construction community planning, and community development. Students in the programs of the school will be challenged to develop their abilities in problem solving, creative thinking and informed decision making as a focus of their professional education. They will accomplish this in a nurturing and student-centered environment that fosters personal development and professional excellence.

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