PCI Mission & Objectives


This Committee will coordinate ongoing reviews of the University’s current credit card systems and processes, develop a credit card policy and procedures, and retain a consultant to assist with the University’s required PCI certification.

Objectives – to ensure that the University complies with Payment Card Industry standards:

  • To minimize reputational risks and legal liabilities associated with leakage of customer payment card information
  • To oversee the University’s response to any identified known or potential breach of customers’ payment card data.
  • Provide guidance to Departments on PCI training.
  • Develop and recommend to President and Vice Presidents, policies and procedural guidelines pertaining to the management of customers’ Payment (Credit and Debit) card information to the University and ensure compliance with these policies and procedures.
  • Review and develop minimum standards for University payment card merchants and monitor compliance with standards.
  • Assist with the Annual Payment Card Compliance report due to TAMUS
  • Oversee and coordinate the University response to any suspected PCI related data incidents (possible security breach) through the Security Officer.
  • Initiate and oversee projects to improve the security or service levels for payment card transactions across the University.
  • Review requests for new payment card merchants.
  • Monitor Chargebacks and recommend appropriate systematic changes that may reduce these, as appropriate.
  • Sponsor workshops to ensure all parties are up to date and knowledgeable of the policies and procedures