table set up for an event
seating setup with center row open for an speaking event.
 seating setup with no center row for an speaking event.

There is a multi-function Ballroom available on the second floor of the Memorial Student Center.  The Ballroom can be sized and setup in several different ways. The whole Ballroom is approximately 108 feet long and 97 feet wide at its maximum dimensions. There are movable partitions available to divide the Ballroom into smaller rooms if needed.

The Ballroom can be set in a Banquet-style configuration using round tables, 5 feet in diameter, with a maximum number of 8 banquet-chairs per table. The Ballroom can be set in a Classroom-style  configuration using 2-feet by 6-feet rectangular tables, seating two persons  per table. The Ballroom can be set in a Theater-style configuration using chairs only. There can be combinations of round and rectangular tables used to suit whatever configuration that you desire.

Built-in sound systems are available in the Ballroom. There can be 2-independent sound systems configured in the Ballroom simultaneously, so two separate events, requiring a sound system, can occur together.

Video screens are available in each section of the Ballroom.  One built-in projector is available to service either the whole Ballroom or  Section A or the combination of Sections A and B of the Ballroom. Portable projectors are available for rent for use within the other remaining Ballrooms.

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