At Prairie View A&M, academic excellence is at your fingertips. Our award-winning faculty and administration are in place to assist with any needs you may have during your time here. Our learning resources – such as the invaluable John B. Coleman Library, scholastic enhancement services via the Student Academic Success Center, and advanced research programs – ensure that our students will achieve their ultimate goals in education and career development.

As an undergraduate, select from 124 programs, including leading programs in engineering, nursing, and education. Cultivate your specific area of interest by choosing from *** major and minor degrees and over 2300 available courses . The Honors Program and the Undergraduate Medical Academy prepare students for global leadership and academic excellence in the fields they are pursuing. University College is a unique living and learning community designed exclusively for incoming freshmen, providing them with an educationally focused, structured, and supportive environment for their first year of school.

For the graduate student, Prairie View A&M offers programs in each of our eight colleges and schools, for a total of 32 programs with various concentrations. Study alongside dedicated scholars and esteemed faculty to open up a world of opportunity in research and career advancement. The Office of Research and Development delivers assistance to graduate students through sponsored programs, specialty centers, and more.


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