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The purpose of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction is to provide regional, national, and international leadership in the study and improvement of teaching and learning in diverse educational settings. Our teacher education program focuses on Educators as Facilitators of Learning for Diverse Populations (E-FOLD-P).

The conceptual framework for both the initial and advanced programs at Prairie View A&M University has evolved over the last fourteen years to view educators as facilitators of diverse populations. The conceptual framework was developed by the Unit faculty after extensive review of the literature in education and guidelines of learned societies. The conceptual framework is based upon current issues such as changes in demographics, global perspectives, importance of problem solving, critical thinking and decision making skills, technological demands, and the need for life-long learning. The framework consists of four major goals anchored by technology and assessment.

The undergraduate teacher education programs in the Whitlowe R. Green College of Education prepare candidates for teaching and related positions in public and private schools as well as in other institutional or organizational settings that promote the educational development and well-being of culturally diverse children and youth. Teacher education programs lead to EC-6, 4-8, 7-12 or all-level EC-12 standard teaching certificates and endorsements.

B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies

The graduate coursework enables educators to receive certification and/or endorsement in additional fields. Individuals with degrees in fields outside of education who desire to be certified as teachers may pursue graduate studies to meet the state certification requirements.

MEd/MSEd Curriculum & Instruction with a concentration in: Elementary Education (Early Childhood Education), Mathematics Education, Reading Education, Science Education

MAEd/MEd Curriculum & Instruction with a concentration in: English Education and Music Education

MEd/MSEd Special Education

Dr. Kitty Warsame
EC-6 (M-Z)
Delco 316A
Dr. Sonia Boone
Generalist 4-8
Delco 310
Dr. Clarissa Booker
ELAR 4-8
Delco 315
Dr. C. Thompson
Math & Science 4-8
Delco 314
Dr. Douglas Butler
Special Ed. & EC -12
Delco 319
Beverly Roberts
Clinical Teaching
Delco 317
Susan Barefield
Delco 311


Admission to Teacher Education

Students are eligible for admission to teacher education and to enroll in professional education courses after the following requirements have been met:

1. Completed application.
2. Copy of Driver’s License (front and back).
3. TEA ID Number (this is required-students will be denied without this ID#).
4. Three (3) letters of recommendation from PVAMU faculty.
5. Interview matrix completed and signed by advisor.
6. Updated degree plan.
7. Current Transcript (Unofficial or Official from all Academic Institutions attended).
8. Complete 42 SCH University core with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50.
9. Documentation of a criminal background check.
10. Signed Educator Code of Ethics.
11. TSIA Reading score of>351. (There are no exceptions or exemptions. Students must have a TSIA Reading score even if they are exempt for the university).
12. TSIA Writing essay score of 5; or an essay score of 4 and multiple choice of 363 or higher, or grade of >C in ENGL 1123 or ENGL 1133.
13. TSIA Math score of 350 or higher,or grade of >C in MATH 1113.
14. Grades of "D" in any English or Math courses are not acceptable.

Application forms may be obtained from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction or through the PVAMU webpage. The Committee for Admission to Teacher Education reviews all applications once per semester. Upon approval (or disapproval) by the Committee, the Chair of the Committee notifies the students by letter.

Department, matriculation, and administrative resources will populate this tab. This is different from the forms library; videos, presentations or instruction manuals are considered a resource.

Curriculum and Instruction
Suite 316 Delco W.F. Delco Bldg.
P.O. Box 519 M.S. 2410 Prairie View, TX 77446
Phone: 936-261-3403
Fax: 936-261-3419

Achievement Spotlight

Megan Wells Teacher of the year!

Ms. Megan Wells, Prairie View Mathematics 4-8 Graduate, was voted Teacher of the Year 2014. Ms. Wells teaches at Hill Intermediate School in the Aldine Independent School District. Congratulations!

Jones Elementary Rookie of the year!

Ms. Amanda Horace, Jones Elementary School Rookie of the Year. Ms. Horace is a Fall 2011 graduate of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

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