Doctor of Nursing Practice

The graduates from the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program will be prepared for leadership in direct patient care and system-based care roles.  The post master’s entrance for the PVAMU DNP program will build on the professional nurse’s depth and scope of knowledge and information management to become adept in the application of evidence-based science to practice. DNP graduates will be experts in directing care for quality improvement and the management of information and organizations of individuals and populations.  The acquisition of advanced knowledge and clinical judgment will afford society a fully educated nurse leader who champions care and accountability in delivering care for population outcomes. Overall, the PVAMU DNP program will position the graduate in exhibiting transformational leadership to effect and generate health policy development, evidence-base practice careers, and evaluation in collaboration with inter-professional teams and partnerships.

The program integrates three substantive dimensions of practice-focused doctoral education making it uniquely responsive to current trends and needs in nursing and healthcare.  First, it focuses on the development of leaders who will have skills in translating advanced knowledge to decrease health disparities and improve health outcomes of diverse populations. Secondly, the graduate of the program will be a nurse leader who is able to transform health care and organizational systems through the role of advanced practice nurse (practitioner). Finally, the graduate of the program may also practice in academia; thus addressing the urgent need for nursing faculty.

For the official degree and admission requirements for a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), please see the Prairie View A&M University Catalog.

Students who enter the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program will be required to complete 39 hours after the Master’s degree and 1000 clinical hours of practicum (includes MSN practicum hours).

Core Courses (21 SCH)
NURS 7013 Nursing Science and Complex Systems 3
NURS 7023 Leadership in Complex Health Systems 3
NURS 7033 Health Care Policy for Advocacy in Health Care 3
NURS 7043 Health Informatics: Systems Management of Health Data 3
NURS 7053 Evidence-based practice (Qualitative and Quantitative Methods) 3
NURS 7143 Analytical Approaches to Outcomes Management: Individuals and Populations 3
NURS 7243 Translating Evidence into Advanced Nursing Practice 3
Project (6 SCH)
NURS 7253 DNP Project 1 3
NURS 7263 DNP Project 2 3
Practicum (6 SCH)
NURS 7383 Practice Residency I 3
NURS 7393 Practice Residency II 3
Electives 6
Total Hours 39