Social Media for Principal Investigators Boot Camp

Social Media Boot Camp Participants

“Selfie Time” at the Social Media for Principal Investigators Boot Camp

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Social media has emerged as one of the most efficient methods of interacting with our global community.  The Office of Research, Innovation and Sponsored Programs – Advancing Research through Technology (ART) project, partnered with the Center for Teaching Excellence to present a one-day workshop to explore the benefits of using social media in research.  The Social Media for Principal investigators Bootcamp was the second in a series of workshops designed to support research through the use of technology, branding, and innovation. 

The interactive workshop provided participants with an overview of the current most used social media platforms. Those present were guided through the process of establishing a Twitter account for professional use and provided with an overview of Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Presenters specifically spotlighted the differences between the personal and professional use of social media,  cautioned them to have a sense of awareness when sharing information with a global audience, and were provided with guidelines for use. 

Speakers included:
Jordan Scruggs, MA
Communications Specialist
PVAMU Office of Marketing and Communications;

Natasha Turner
Turner Consulting
Houston, TX;

Toneisha Taylor, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor/Data Analytics Specialist
PVAMU Communications Department


Advancing Research through Technology (ART) is funded by Title III Federal Programs.

Written by:
Karen B. Cotton, MA, MS
Krishna Veena Boppana