Detectors and Sensors

Characterization of CZT Detectors

compound detectors CdTe, CZT, HgI2 and other compound detectors with higher atomic number and higher density provide high sensitivity gamma radiation. The focus of this project is to perform electrical and radiation characterization of CZT crystals to develop sensitive, portable, room-temperature radiation detectors.

Gamma Spectroscopy

Gamma Spectroscopy Gamma spectroscopy is fundamental to many nuclear analytical techniques. Variety of detectors; semiconductors, scintillators or proportional counters are sensitive to gamma-rays. The focus of this project is to involve undergraduate students on learning basic spectroscopy techniques  using HPGe, NaI and CZT detectors


Radiation Detector Modeling

Comparison of experimental data shown in a diagram Comparison of experimental data and Monte Carlo simulation of two different class of detectors is performed in this project a gas proportional counter and a solid state detector. The detector density, volume and charge collection are very different. The objective of the project was to verify applicability of Los Alamos’ MCNPX code to different class of detectors