Building on over 10 years of research experience in space radiation research PVAMU through funding from NASA, DOE and NNSA has established resources that enhance our research and education capability. Below is a brief description of the research facilities:

Radiation detector and sensor laboratory

Device Characterization

  • Hewlett-Packard 4145B and 4156 Parametric Analyzer Systems
  • Keithley System 82 Variable Temperature Probe Station with C-V & I-V  Measurements
  • Charge Pumping System
  • LCR meter (Agilent 4284)
  • National Instrument’s 100 Msample/sec integrated data acquisition system equipped with Lab View virtual instrumentation software
  • Keithley 237 High voltage source measurement (up to 1100 V)
  • Agilent – signal generator, high voltage

Radiation Dosimetry and Spectroscopy

  • Ludlum response kit, model 2200
  • NIM-Bin system for gamma detection (NaI); includes HV supply, amplifier, preamplifier, SCA and NIM
  • NIM-Bin system for delayed time of flight particle species determination
  • Portable microdosimetry spectrometer system with tissue, silicon, and carbon equivalent detection heads
  • Mastro-32 portable gamma spectroscopy (NaI)
  • He-3 neutron detector
  • HPGe with DSA and Gene spectral analysis software package (system ordered waiting delivery)
  • eVproducts spectrometer grade CZT metalized crystals 2 (10mm x 10mm x 2mm) (on order)
  • eVproducts 550 preamplifier (on order)

Advance Computing Cluster

A dual core Intel Xenon 3.0GHz/2MB Cache, 800MHz seven-node Linux Beowulf cluster is dedicated for nuclear research. The cluster is loaded with a verity of DOE software packages for research and education.

Computational Codes (Radiation transport and nuclear data processing)

  • Radiation transport modeling and interaction in nuclear system (MCNP)
  • Design and improve radiation shielding (MCNP, MCNPX, PHITS)
  • Radiation track structure modeling codes (Rudd Model, Kobetich and Katz Electron Transport Model)
  • Nuclear data processing code (NJOY)

Seven-node Beowulf Cluster for Transport Code Calculations

Graduate Student Jerrad Deason in the Beowulf Cluster Lab.