Students of all major (meeting pre-requisites) are encouraged to enroll in the courses offered through the program. In addition select, eligible students will be provided financial assistance through scholarships, undergraduate research opportunities, internships, and career counseling. The nuclear engineering spans over broad spectrum of fields, at PV we provide three different paths:

Material Science (NASA & DOE Focus)
Nuclear Energy (DOE Focus)
Space Science (NASA Focus)

Students are required to select technical courses and technical elective courses to meet their academic and career interests. The curriculum is designed to work within the structure of the students chosen major. The curriculum prepares students, regardless of their chosen career path, to continue their professional development throughout their careers.

  • A 1 hr seminar Informative class offered at sophomore level
      • Students through enrollment in this class can get a flavor of the field
      • This class will provide an overview of the new and developing fields in engineering Medical Physics, Nuclear Energy, Bioengineering, Membrane Processes, environmental engineering, and others
      • Course material available on CD for $25

Degree Plan

  • The nuclear engineering concentration consist of 6 courses (18 hrs)
    • 4 Nuclear classes (12 hrs)
      • 2 core required
      • 2 chosen from elective options
        • DOE route
        • NASA route
  • 2 courses from selected college level electives can be included