Curriculum and Instruction

Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

The undergraduate teacher education programs in the Whitlowe R. Green College of Education prepare candidates for teaching and related positions in public and private schools as well as in other institutional or organizational settings that promote the educational development and well-being of culturally diverse children and youth. Teacher education programs lead to EC-6, 4-8, 7-12 or all-level EC-12 standard teaching certificates and endorsements. Also, the college offers the Alternative Teacher Certification Program (ATCP) for those whose undergraduate degree is not in teacher education.

Undergraduate Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

PLO1. Proficient in the use of oral and verbal expressions.
PLO2. Apply critical thinking skills to daily assignments in the field of their profession.
PLO3. Aware of diverse cultures, within their fields of concentration.
PLO4. Utilize current technology concepts.
PLO5. Recognize and differentiate instructional strategies for P-12 environment.

Undergraduate Course Matrix for TaskStream Evaluation

Course/Description Assignment Instructor PLO(s)
CUIN 3003
Inst. Mthd. Clsrm.
Thematic Unit
PLO 1,2,4,5
CUIN 3013
Educational Psychology
Lesson Plan PLO 1,2,4,5
CUIN 4103
Lesson Plan Rubric PLO 1-5
CUIN 4113
Inst. Mthd. Clsrm.
Blueprint Project PLO 1-5
CUIN 4403/4433/4416/4443
Student Teaching
Teacher Work
Sample Rubric
Beverly Roberts PLO 1-5

Master of Education

The graduate program is designed to develop those advanced competencies in leadership and instruction that will enable individuals to demonstrate analytical processes in the teaching/learning environment and procedures of educational research and its application.

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers programs leading to the Master of Education in the following areas:

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Special Education
  • Curriculum and Instruction-Reading Education

Also, the graduate level certification programs are designed to provide coursework leading to K-12 certification through the Alternative Teacher Certification Program (ATCP) and the Educational Diagnostician certification program.

If you wish to file an Educator Preparation Program (EPP) complaint, please visit the Forms webpage.