Agriculture and Natural Resources

The Agriculture and Natural Resources unit of the Cooperative Extension Program is the primary educational outreach unit of the university that disseminates research based knowledge to agricultural producers. County and specialist staffs assist small scale farmers and ranchers to become self sustaining and profitable.

Current Plan of Work Programs

Economics and Management for Sustainable Agriculture

This program provides technical and educational assistance to farmers and ranchers by assisting them in the identification of efficient agri-business practices, proper business management, and accounting/bookkeeping. Increase community awareness of programs by way of mass marketing, social networking, and information delivery on small business and community and economic development opportunities. View Current Plan of Work

Major programs offered:

  • Livestock Marketing
  • Developing a farm business plan
  • Outreach of Risk Management Programs
  • Agricultural computer literacy class
  • Farm record book keeping
  • Farmers Market

Livestock Production

This program is dedicated for developing sustainable farming/ranching operations focusing on increasing the health and productivity of livestock through optimizing nutrition, and reproduction. The purpose is to ensure that these agricultural operations are not only profitable but they are also friendly to the community and the environment. View Current Plan of Work

Major programs offered:

  • Goat Management Certification Program
  • Bull Gain Test
  • Rotational Pasture Project
  • Raising Backyard Chickens
  • Livestock Selection and Marketing

Crop and Forage Production

This program provides research based educational information to small scale and limited resource farmers with a focus on fruit and vegetable crop production to improve the income situation of the target clientele. View Current Plan of Work

Major programs offered:

  • Sprayer Calibration & Chemical Safety
  • Weed & Brush Control
  • Spring Container Gardening Program
  • Soil Care and Amendment Program
  • Cool Season Forage for Winter Grazing
  • Raised Bed Gardening Workshop
  • Building Sustainable Gardens
  • Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop
  • Small Acreage Composting

AGNR Programs Word Cloud

Meet our Staff

At headquarters...

Billy Lawton
Program Leader (AGNR)
(936) 261-5117

Nelson Daniels, Ph.D.
Program Specialist
(936) 261-5112

Kesha Henry

Kesha Henry, Ph.D.
Program Specialist
(936) 261-5030

Angela Moore

Angela Moore
Extension Associate
(936) 261-5002


Rozenia Toney
Administrative Assistant (AGNR)
(936) 261-5123

In the county...


Derrick Banks
Extension Agent, Fort Bend County
(281) 342-3034

Vidal Saenz

Vidal H. Saenz
Extension Agent, Hidalgo County
(956) 383-1026

Stedman Douglas

Stedman Douglas
Extension Agent, Waller County
(979) 826-7651

Rolando Zamora

Rolando Zamora
Extension Agent, Willacy County
(956) 689-2412

Kimberly Perry

Kimberly Perry
Extension Agent, Harris County
(713) 274-0961

Brandon Hawkins
Extension Agent, Bowie County
(903) 628-6702

Corey Hicks
Extension Agent, Houston County
(936) 544-3255