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New Deans Hope To Be A Fresh Start For Their Colleges

November 19 - Prairie View A&M University is in a season of change and it has been completely evident with the new leaders taking the initiative to help bring the university to the next level. This year, PVAMU found new leadership in the University President Dr. Ruth Simmons, and in the College of Agriculture & [...]

Where Are They Now: James Motton, CEP Extension Agent

November 19 - As a fresh high school graduate, James Motton had no true commitment to the next step in his life until his parents encouraged him to attend Prairie View A&M University. Although he had no background or experience with agriculture, his dad ignited his interest to enter the College of Agriculture of Human Sciences [...]

New Progress on Project Creating Better Technology for Prairie View

November 12 - Some take for granted the everyday luxuries that technology helps make possible in urban settings. For rural communities, particularly the namesake city of the university, technology is in significant lack, but a team of researchers are on track to make extreme changes for Prairie View. The Smart and Connected Communities Planning Grant project [...]

Where Are They Now: Demond Spiller

November 12 - Prairie View A&M's College of Agriculture and Human Sciences provides its students multiple paths to success on a daily basis. Demond Spiller's CAHS experience has put him on a path to leading others into the world of agriculture. Spiller spent the majority of his life raising and showing cattle, and he wanted [...]

Investigating the Potential of Growing Sorrel in Texas

November 12 - On the continent of Africa, a plant with a white to pale yellow colored flower admired for its beauty is also revered for its medicinal powers. Known as sorrel in Jamaica, the fruits of this plant is widely consumed in the form of teas and festive holiday drinks. In Belize, Central America [...]

Jeff Simmons Visits PVAMU

November 5 - Join us Friday November 9th 2018, for a special presentation at 9:30 a.m. inside the CEP Auditorium located at the Carden-Waller Building.  That’s where Jeff Simmons, the President and CEO of Elanco Animal Health, will enlighten us by focusing on some of the most pressing issues of our time. Long before Food [...]

Team of Researchers Taking An Innovative Approach to Animal Care

November 5 - Technology has greatly enhanced our abilities to communicate and continuously evolve in developing more efficient ways to solve problems. A team of Prairie View A&M and Texas A&M University researchers led by Dr. Paul Johnson is developing a better way for rural communities to communicate with veterinarians and provide better care for [...]

Where Are They Now: Jeremy Peaches

November 2 - Jeremy Peaches is one College of Agriculture and Human Sciences graduate who knows the importance of giving back and keeping the spirit of agriculture alive. He credits his life-long passion for plants and animals to his rural upbringing in Greenville, Mississippi, but when his family moved to Houston, it was hard for [...]

Kudos Jamboree: A New beginning for Student Donations

November 5 - In its inaugural debut, an event designed to give thanks and show appreciation resulted in an unexpected, but worthy, student-focused occurrence. The College of Agriculture & Human Sciences new Dean and Director of Land Grants, Dr. Gerard D’Souza, was introduced to the college in grand fashion at the recent Kudos Jamboree. The event [...]

CAHS 4-H Goat Giveaway Program Makes Big Impact in Hamilton County

November 5 - As Emma Byers looks across her farm each morning, it's hard for her to believe how an opportunity to raise goats has completely changed her life. Byers' two sons, David and Ryan, received animals through the 4-H Goat Kid Giveaway, a program led by the International Goat Research Center. The giveaway provides a [...]