nursing students with a clip of the builing to the right.


Undergraduate Programs 

The baccalaureate program is designed to meet the needs of generic students, who are beginning their education in nursing, and also to provide an opportunity for diploma or associate degree registered nurses (RNs) to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. The curriculum requirements are the same for the generic, LVN and RN student groups, but the program methodology to achieve degree requirements differs. The baccalaureate program in nursing is designed to meet the needs of students who choose nursing as a major as freshmen; registered nurses who hold a diploma or associate degree in nursing; and., also for licensed vocational nurses. The curriculum requirements are the same for all student groups, however, the program’s methodology varies to meet the needs of the learner.

Graduate Programs

The College of Nursing’s graduate programs prepare registered professional nurses to be advanced practice nurses in the specialty areas of Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Administration and Nurse Education. The faculty of the College of Nursing believes that graduate education is the most effective means of preparing nurses for advanced practice roles through academic excellence, intellectual curiosity and leadership development. Graduate classes are offered during the evening onsite and online.


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