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Online Institutional Data

Please review the online institutional data reports by selecting the data source links below or in the left margin. A description of each source provides an overview of the information found in the report. Reports include Enrollment Snapshots, Fast Facts, Enrollment Statistics, and Faculty Data by semester.  Certified  headcounts for fall semesters are also provided.

Please review the reports for immediate answers to your questions.  If the specific information you need is not provided, you may submit your request for data (including SOS results) using the Data Request Form below.

Recent Updates

The following documents have been updated recently. Please click on the link to view the current document.

Document Name Category Updated
Dashboards (Summer & Fall 2014)   Interactive Dashboards January, 2015
Fast Facts and Enrollment Statistics (Summer & Fall 2014) Student Enrollments November, 2014
Faculty Data (Summer 2014) Faculty Data November, 2014


Data Request Forms (Internal Use Only)

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