Emergency Services

Emergency Services

ems parked at health centerUrgent health problems (physical or emotional) may include non-life threatening & life-threatening sudden, serious and/or expected illnesses, injuries, or conditions which require immediate attention.

If you have an urgent emotional problem or are concerned about a friend, call Student Counseling Services at 936-261-3564.

Urgent Care Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the regular school session.

If you have a serious condition that cannot be fully evaluated or treated by the EMT, they may arrange to transport you to a hospital emergency room. In the event that you are transported, be sure to contact your medical insurance company regarding coverage.

Please Note: Urgent health services is NOT emergency health services.

Services provided by Advantage Ambulance, certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), are at no cost to the students.  For immediate help, call 936-261-1375.

If a student requires emergency transport off-campus to an Emergency Department or Hospital, Waller County EMS services are used at the student’s expense.

Owens-Franklin Health Center (Health Services) is not an emergency room.