Eligibility for Care

Eligibility for Care

All students who have paid the Student Health Fee are eligible for services at Owens-Franklin Health Center during the semester for which the fee has been paid. Students must have a valid picture ID.

Non-students must pay at the time of service. Insurance is not accepted for non-students.

Medical Services is no longer a Medicare Provider.

Eligibility for Care Between Semesters

Student Health Fee Paid

Students who have paid the Student Health Fee and completed a semester or summer session are eligible for treatment as a student during the semester, until the end of the academic term (i.e. fall, spring, or summer). Unless the student is enrolled in the next session and has paid the Student Health fee, his/her eligibility for treatment as a student terminates with the end of the current school term (last day of class/exams). Student eligibility begins on the first class day and terminates on the last day of class/exams.

Students who were not enrolled in the most recent semester, but are enrolled in the next school term, are eligible for treatment on a set fee basis. This charge is required because the next semester or summer session health fee does not take effect until the first class day of the new semester or summer session.


International students who are being processed for their first semester at PVAMU may receive services at the Health Center for required immunizations and testing for tuberculosis (TB) before their classes begin. In this circumstance, they will be treated as enrolled students and billed accordingly.

Students on INH (isoniazid) will be seen between semesters only for continuation of medication. This exception is due to the concern for increased non-compliance for tuberculosis prevention.

Extended Coverage

Students who were enrolled in the previous semester and want to extend their coverage for a semester may pay a set fee to receive care for that semester. This service ends the first day of classes the next semester.

Summer Camps, Workshops, and Conferences

Individuals attending short-courses, conferences, or camps may be eligible for services if prior arrangements have been made. For individuals under age 18, a parental consent must be presented before services are rendered. Without prior arrangements, fees will be accessed at the prevailing non- student rate. Summer camp attendees requesting health services must be accompanied by a counselor.

New Student Orientation Conferences

New students and their parents are eligible for care on a courtesy basis (no charge for the office visit) as a guest of the university during the students’ orientation conference. This service covers acute illnesses and injuries; however, immunizations are not included. Charges are assessed for x-ray, lab, injections and medical supplies.