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Student Refund Schedule

First Refund for Spring 2020:

A student may receive a refund when a credit is remaining on their account after all tuition & fees, and room & board is paid for.  A student may receive their refund electronically or by paper check.  If a student chooses to receive their refund electronically, they must consent to receiving their refund through BankMobile (formerly HigherOne): Through BankMobile Services, the student may receive their refund by ACH using their existing bank account, to a BankMobile Vibe Account, or paper check (mailed to the mailing address on file). If you have a credit balance on January 21,  2020 by 8 am, your refund will be issued from PVAMU on January 27, 2020.   If you wish to receive your refund electronically (Direct Deposit or BankMobile Vibe account) you must consent to use the Bank Mobile (formerly HigherOne) refund Services.  See refund options below.

Visit www.refundselection.com to learn more about refund selection and BankMobile (formerly Higherone).

Please note that if a refund is due and a payment was made to the fee account via credit card for that term, the refund will ONLY be issued back to the credit card used when payment was submitted.  If the refund is greater than the credit card payment made, the remainder of the refund will be issued based on the preference the student selected to receive their refund.  If the student did not consent to using BankMobile services to receive their refund, the remaining refund will be mailed to the mailing address on file.  


If a personal wire is received and no balance is due on the student account, the wire will be returned to the sender.  If the wire is greater than the balance due, the remaining payment from the wire will be returned to the sender of the wire.

Students that signed up to receive their refund via ACH (existing bank account):

If you selected the ACH method to receive your student refund and your bank information is correct and current as provided to BankMobile, you should receive your refund in your bank account within 2 to 3 business days. Visit www.refundselection.com  anytime to review your current ACH information and/or modify your information at anytime.

Students that signed up to receive their refund via the BankMobile Vibe Account:

If you selected the Vibe checking account to receive your student refund you should receive your refund within 1 business day when funds are released from Prairie View A&M. You will then be able to use all of the features of the Vibe, including using your Bank Mobile Vibe Card anywhere MasterCard is accepted. If you have not already, please visit www.refundselection.com to select your refund choice today.

Students that signed up to receive their refund via Paper check:

Your check will be mailed to the mailing address on file with Bank Mobile. Please visit www.refundselection.com to review and/or verify your mailing address. You should receive your refund in the mail within 5 to 7 business days.

Students that have not selected a refund preference through BankMobile:

If you did not consent to using the refund methods provided through Bank Mobile, your refund will automatically be mailed to the mailing address on file in PVPlace.

Normal Student Refund Process for the Remaining Semester:

Student refunds are reviewed every Monday at 8am. These refunds will be reviewed for over award issues, other charges, etc. The net refunds will be issued a full 4 business days later – Friday. “Issued” means BankMobile will disburse the refund to you based on your preference to receive your refund.

Prairie View A & M University prefers that you select your refund preference online, as from time to time the University may have refund money to deliver to you. Once you select your refund preference online, all refunds will be delivered to you according to your choice. You also may modify your refund selection online. If you are unable to make your refund preference online or choose not to make your refund selection online, your refund will be automatically mailed to the mailing address on file in PVPlace within 14 days. Remember, making a delivery preference now online will allow you to select a choice and may provide you with access to your funds faster.

Student Refunds for 1st Semester Freshmen:

First semester freshmen may have a delay in receiving their refund due to the required 30 day delay for loan processing for 1st time (1st Semester) students. If a first semester freshman is only receiving federal loans as payment for their student tuition, fees, and charges and is expecting a refund after all tuition & fees, meals, housing, etc. are paid, you should expect your refund to be issued after February 13, for Spring 2020.  If you need to purchase books prior to the refund, please go to http://www.pvamu.edu/fmsv/treasury-services/book-vouchers/ to see how to request a book voucher.

Student Refunds on Parent Plus Loans:

All refunds resulting from a Parent Plus Loan will only be refunded to the student’s parent/legal guardian as stated on the loan application if a credit balance is showing on the parent plus loan payment. If the parent plus loan is disbursed prior to the student’s other financial aid award, the parent plus loan will be applied to the student’s tuition & fee charges first and a refund may not be issued to the parent. If there is a credit on the parent plus loan payment and the parent selects the box on the parent plus loan application to “issue to student”, the refund will be issued directly to the student.  If the parent did not check the “issue to student” box on the application, and wishes to have the refund issued to the student, the parent or legal guardian must have a signed written consent that must be faxed to the Treasury Services office at (936) 261- 1959 along with parent/legal guardian picture ID if the parent wishes to have the parent plus refund amount refunded directly to the student. Refunds will be issued from Prairie View A&M University and not BankMobile if the refund is made payable to the parent.  Documentation must be received by Treasury Services at least 3 days prior to the refund distribution.


  • If you should receive a refund, then decide to add a class, you will be responsible for paying for the additional tuition and fees for that course.
  • If you should for some reason, not remain eligible for the awards you have received and the awards are reversed, you are responsible to pay back the University.
  • If you should withdraw from a class it may impact your financial aid status.
  • If you withdraw from a class you may still be obligated to pay for part or all of the tuition and fees related to your withdrawn class. Please see Student Withdrawal Refund Policy.


Contact PVAMU 936-261-1890