BiologyThe Biology department strives to prepare its students for careers in health professions. Many of our students, upon matriculation, enter medical schools, veterinary schools, dental schools, optometry schools, or pharmacy schools. The department also prepares its students to study medical technology, physical therapy, or occupational therapy.


ChemistryThe Chemistry department is an ACS Accredited program that has multimedia-equipped classrooms, modern laboratories, and state-of-the-art instrumentation for teaching and research in chemistry and allied fields.

Languages & Communication

Languages & CommunicationThe department of Languages and Communication prepares students for a broad range of careers in teaching, professional writing, interpersonal communication and public relations, and media production technologies.


MathematicsThe department of Mathematics trains competent mathematics teachers and prospective mathematicians, engineers, scientists, and other mathematics-based and/or related professionals with the knowledge necessary to perform successfully in graduate and professional schools and in the world of work.

Music & Theatre

Music & TheatreStudents in the Music & Theatre department have the opportunity to explore their potential as actors, directors, designers and techs, stage managers, playwrights, pre-scholars, performing musicians, and teachers.


Army ROTCArmy ROTC is an elective curriculum you take along with your required college classes. It gives you the tools, training and experiences that will help you succeed in any competitive environment. Along with great leadership training, Army ROTC can pay for your college tuition.


Navy ROTCThe Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps is a long-standing program through which the Navy and Marine Corps can commission officers in addition to the Naval Academy’s graduates. Midshipmen in the program complete basic physical, mental, and professional training to prepare them for their future careers.


Physics Program
The department of Physics provides a firm foundation for those pursuing careers in areas such as biology, chemistry, computer science, dentistry, engineering, the medical sciences, mathematics, and teaching at primary and secondary levels.

Division of Social Work, Behavioral and Political Sciences

Division of Social Work, Behavioral and Political SciencesThe Division of Social Work, Behavioral and Political Sciences helps prepare students for a variety of career options, including urban and regional planning, social work practice, human services, public administration, international affairs, public policy, law enforcement, and legal studies.

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