Music & Theatre



The Music Program offers curricula in general music studies, music performance, and music education. The curricula in music performance prepares one for a career as a performing musician, the all-level music teacher certification is intended for those seeking careers in music teaching and general studies is designed for those seeking a broad-based education in music.

PVAMU’s Music Program offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Music with three degree concentrations: All-level (EC-12) Teacher’s Certification, General Studies and Performance. Instrumental, Piano and Vocal Degree Tracks are available for each degree concentration.

A departmental audition is required for all incoming Music Majors and a departmental advisor is assigned to each incoming music major to provide guidance in choosing an appropriate music degree plan. Majors are required to take an Applied Music (Private Lesson) course each semester and earn ensemble credit by joining one of our department ensembles (which require a separate ensemble audition). Majors and Minors must earn a minimum of “C” in all Music classes. Those who earn a grade below “C” must repeat the course to receive credit. All Music Majors meet with their departmental advisor for advisement at least once per semester in order to register for classes and track degree progress.


  • To prepare students for professional careers in music and for graduate study in music.
  • To provide effective musical experiences in an educational environment that stimulates academic and musical development. These experiences include solo and ensemble performance experiences.
  • To transmit to students the heritage of Western music through studies in music history and literature, theory, applied music and performances in recitals.
  • To present musical performances on the university campus for cultural enhancement.
  • To provide general music instruction to non-music majors at the university.


The Theatre Program offers studies and activities for a Bachelor of Arts degree that prepares students for professional careers in theatre as artists and/or educators, theatre-related activities, or graduate work in theatre. The Program also serves the broader purpose of contributing to the cultural enrichment of PVAMU through its offerings in the arts.

A departmental audition is required for all incoming Theatre Majors and Minors. Once admitted, Majors and Minors must earn a minimum of “C” in all Theatre classes. Those who earn a grade below “C” must repeat the course to receive credit. All theatre majors must meet with the Department Director for advisement at least once per semester. Please read the Theatre Program Requirements and Regulations for Academic Progress for more details on department standards and expectations.

Theatre Program Goals and Objectives

  1. To offer students the courses and training necessary for work as professionals in theatre, for graduate study in theatre or related fields and for careers as theatre teachers.
  2. To provide students with the leadership, and practical experience necessary for the achievement of excellence in theatre through the presentation of recitals, student projects, performing arts troupes and the Charles Gilpin Players.
  3. To develop the students’ understanding of theatre history, development and practice as it reflects various cultures and societies.
  4. To provide non-theatre majors to with general theatre education and instruction.
  5. To educate and expose the PVAMU and the surrounding communities to a broad range of theatre by presenting diverse performances and productions for cultural enhancement.

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