The Chemistry department is located on the second and third floors of the New Science Building. The department is an ACS Accredited program that has multimedia-equipped classrooms, modern laboratories, and state-of-the-art instrumentation for teaching and research in chemistry and allied fields. Faculty members have specializations in analytical, environmental, inorganic, organic, physical, and biochemistry. Most students continue in chemistry-related fields after graduation, often attending graduate schools in chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, or pursuing careers in industrial research or biomedical sciences.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry offers a Bachelor of Science Degree with the following options.

Please be advised:

  • The above files are suggested degree program sequence. Because every student is unique, you should use your own discrepancy and adjust accordingly to your own pace.
  • It is always a good idea to discuss your situation with your advisor promptly and let him/her know your situations, so she/he can advise you properly.

Traditional Chemistry

This program is designed for students who plan to be professional chemists, and to pursue graduate studies in chemistry

Biomedical Science

This program is designed for students who plan additional study toward the M.D., D.D.S., or D.V.M. degrees. It is also suitable for students interested in medical or biomedical research as well as for those who plan to pursue a graduate degree in the biochemical or biomedical areas

Forensic Science

This option is for students interested in career in crime laboratories, drug enforcement agency, food and drug administration, and other related agencies

Master of Science in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry at Prairie View A&M University offers a research-based M.S. degree program, which requires a minimum of 24 credit hours of course work and 6 credit hours of research work.

The following focus areas in chemistry are available:

  • analytical chemistry
  • biochemistry
  • computational chemistry
  • inorganic chemistry
  • materials chemistry
  • organic chemistry
  • polymer chemistry

M.S. Candidates are expected to successfully complete 24 credit hours (CH) of course work, and this would include 20 CH from graduate level chemistry core courses and 4 CH of elective graduate level courses. Graduate students are required to conduct a research project under supervision of the faculty and write a thesis based on research results. Furthermore, candidates are expected to successfully defend the thesis work in a presentation and a final oral exam. Students who wish to transfer graduate level credit from another school may transfer up to 20 credit hours of graduate level courses to PVAMU. Prior approval from the department must be obtained before transfer credit will be applied to the degree. Students whose undergraduate degrees are not in chemistry may be admitted to provisional status and may be required to complete some undergraduate chemistry courses before admission to candidacy.

Degree Audit and Graduation

It is exciting that you will finally achieve a milestone in your life. To make this process a bit smoother for you, the Department of Chemistry suggests you follow the following steps:

  1. Fill out the degree audit sheet for your degree options. This step should be done around September or earlier because you may need go over your degree plan with your advisor a few times before its completion.
  2. Ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed (substitution forms etc.), and make sure all signatures have been obtained.
  3. Fill out the graduation application form and pay the fee before the deadline.
  4. Turn the paperwork in.
  5. Don’t forget to make a copy for your own records.

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