Staff Directory

Fred Washington Vice President Auxiliary Services Email: Phone: (936) 261-2140 Anitra Addison Assistant Vice President, Auxiliary Support Services Email: Phone: (936) 261-2140
Tressey Wilson Assistant Vice President, Auxiliary Enterprises Email: Phone: (936) 261-1700 Cheryl Moore Executive Director, Auxiliary Enterprises Email: Phone: (936) 261-1700
TBD Chief of Police
Email:  Phone: (936) 261-1375
Thelma J. Pierre Administrator, Health Services and Counseling Email: Phone: (936) 261-1400
Stephanie Haynes Office Manager (Call Center & Mail Services) Email: Phone: (936) 261-2881 Student Services Manager
Email:   Phone: (936) 261-2651
Miesha Moore General Manager, University College Email: Phone: (936) 261-5990 Donovan Jones General Manager, University Village Email: Phone:(936) 261-5957
Gabe Lewis General Manager, Campus Dining Email: Phone: (936) 261-1770 John Hughes General Manager, KPVU Radio Email: Phone: (936) 261-3742