Can I still apply for the Fall semester even though the deadline has passed?
Students may still apply to the university after the online application deadline has passed. What they will need to do is physically come to the Main Campus in Prairie View, TX and fill out a paper application in the Admissions Office.

Is there an admissions appeal process?
Once a student has been denied, they have the option of appealing their Admissions Decision. The student will have to write a written appeal to Academic Appeals Committee and submit the letter via email or fax to the address or number listed in the Denial Letter.

All appeals are handled by an external committee not comprised of admission officers.  Once that process is completed, a list is submitted to the Admissions Office and they send an acceptance letter if approved.  The denial letter gives an email and fax number of the committee person to contact if the students have any questions.  If a decision has been made and the student is accepted, it is posted on SAAADMS: Admission Decision-FA (FR Appeal) or TA (Transfer Appeal).