Scholarship Announcements Military Scholarship Competition 2018

At North American Van Lines, we are committed to improving the future of any and all students throughout the continental U.S. and beyond—we believe that educational quality for everyone is key in fostering a nationwide network of skilled professionals for years to come, from adults seeking continued education to those returning from active service. Because [...]

Network Court Reporting and Video Caption Contest Scholarship

Network Court Reporting and Video announces a Caption Contest Scholarship for both current and aspiring college & university students. We understand that not every family has the financial resources needed to cover the high costs of tuition at a college or university. Moreover, we know that young people who graduate from college with massive student [...]

Lendza’s “Better Thank A Loan” 2018 Scholarship

Nobody said college was cheap, but a scholarship can certainly make it more affordable. If you want a little help with your college expenses, be sure to take advantage of Lendza’s scholarship opportunity. Lendza will award a scholarship to the student who writes our favorite essay on specified topic and who displays a noticeable spark [...]

The Suicide Prevention Scholarship

As a personal injury attorney, John Fisher values the lives of those who are suffering. On behalf of those who have been touched by suicide or struggled with it, he is proud to offer the Suicide Prevention Scholarship. This $1000 award will be given to one individual who can best communicate how legislation may be [...]

The Barone Defense Firm Win Back Your Life Scholarship

Here at the Barone Defense Firm, many of our clients are hurting and at a low point in their lives. They feel as if they have been knocked down and they do not know if their lives will ever be the same. Every day, we get a close-up look at their struggles and are often [...]

Social Bias in the Courtroom Scholarship

The personal injury lawyers at the Warshauer Law Group are committed to equality in the courtroom. According to The Expert Institute, 83% of expert witnesses in the courtroom are male. Our own, Lyle Warshauer, has recognized that in more than ten years of courtroom practice she has never seen a female expert witness in the [...]

2018 Tampa Spine Center Road To Recovery Scholarship

At the Tampa Spine Center, many of our clients are hurting, and we are always focused on the most efficient ways to serve those who are in pain or facing setbacks and are in need of care and recovery. Continuing education can pose challenges for people in recovery who want to move forward with their [...]

Right to Privacy Scholarship

  The Leifert & Leifert Right to Privacy Scholarship will award a scholarship to the candidate who can best discuss whether or not those who have been arrested have a greater right to privacy versus the public’s right to know and view all of the details surrounding their arrest. More specifically, does mugshot publication and [...]

2018 Fabriele Disability Awareness Scholarship

We are excited to announce the 2018 Fabriele Disability Awareness Scholarship, an annual scholarship with the purpose of bringing awareness to the Americans with Disabilities Act and the ways that it is meant to extend the rights of those that Constitutional rights do not go far enough for. This scholarship will be awarded to a [...]

Whitley Law Firm Opioid Crisis Scholarship

Whitley Law Firm, personal injury lawyers in Raleigh, North Carolina are dedicated to their clients and are committed to obtaining justice and fairness. In 2016 it is believed that 64,000 Americans died from drug overdoses, 21 percent more than the rate in 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Driving overdose deaths are [...]