Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is unique in the engineering profession in that it requires a strong foundation in chemical principles, as well as in the physical and engineering sciences common to all branches of engineering. An education in Chemical Engineering is one of the broadest—the chemical engineer may find employment in all phases of technical operations. Chemical process industries supply society with a vast array of products, including chemicals, fuels, plastics, metals, foods, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and cryogenic materials. In recent years, Chemical Engineers have found employment in the microelectronics industry and in the advanced materials, biochemical and biomedical engineering fields. Chemical Engineers also serve society by reducing and eliminating pollution.

Accreditation Status

The Chemical Engineering Program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

We offer two choices of degree programs for undergraduate students: the Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (B.S.Ch.E), and the B.S.Ch.E. with a Concentration in Bioengineering.

Chemical Engineering Faculty and Staff

Dr. Emanuel Dada (Adjunct Instructor)

Dr. Emmanuel Dada
Assistant Professor
C.L. Wilson Building 201B

Dr. Micheal Gyamerah (Associate Professor)

Dr. Michael Gyamerah
Associate Professor
C.L. Wilson Building 201D

Dr. Gorge Gabitto (Professor)

Dr. Jorge Gabitto
C.L. Wilson Building 201J

Dr. Kazeem Olanrewaju (Adjunct Instructor)

Dr. Kazeem Olanrewaju
Assistant Professor
C.L. Wilson Building 201C

Dr. Irvin Osborne-Lee (Professor)

Dr. Irvin Osborne-Lee
Department Head and Professor
C.L. Wilson Building 200A

Dr. Sheena (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Sheena M. Reeves
Assistant Professor
C.L. Wilson Building 201E

Dr. Safwat Shakir (fullbright professor)

Dr. Safwat Shakir
Senior Research Scentist and Fullbright Professor
S.R. Collins Building 313

Dr. Nabila Shamim (Adjunct Instructor)

Dr. Nabila Shamim
Assistant Professor
C.L. Wilson Building 201G