Panther Medical Withdrawal Insurance (Tuition Refund Insurance)

Beginning fall 2014, PVAMU will partner with Sallie Mae to offer students medical withdrawal insurance (tuition refund insurance) in the event of unforeseen withdrawals due to medical or health-related issues, it covers tuition and fees, meals and housing up to the amount of coverage chosen.  Divisional staff met with representatives from our Student Government Association, we are excited about this opportunity and felt this optional service to assist our students was needed.  Students can choose one of three policy coverage options, and will be assessed a charge for the applicable semester.  The policy coverage can be selected through PantherTracks in PVPlace through the promise to pay agreement.  The following link provides more information about the insurance program as well as address frequently asked questions:


Panther Medical Withdrawal Insurance (Tuition Refund Insurance)

Policy Coverage Amount (per semester)

Cost to Student (per semester)